CASA Board Member Receives Fundraising Award

Mike_Rossetti.jpgMike Rossetti, past President and current member of Advocates for Children's Board of Directors, was named the recipient of the James A. Henderson Award for Fundraising at the annual meeting of The Heritage Fund - the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County.

Rossetti, in addition to his work leading the agency during his term as President, launched Crooner for CASA in 2014.  The event features local members of the business community squaring off in over the top karaoke-style performances to compete for contributions, and in its two year run has already generated over $90 thousand in revenue for Advocates for Children.

Rick Scalf, Community Outreach Coordinator for Advocates for Children, the staff member most directly involved with the Agency's events, said he couldn't think of a better recipient for the award.

"Mike is the driving factor behind Crooners for CASA's success, no doubt," Scalf said.  "From conception to execution, it was his brainchild.  He led the committee for the event, keeping everyone on task, and also took the lead in securing sponsors and engaging funders at the event.  Hands down, it's been Mike's will to make this event successful that had made it what it is."

Receiving the award, Rossetti said that he has made three great decisions in his life: marrying his wife Pam, moving to Columbus, Indiana, and joining the Board of Directors at Advocates for Children.

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