CASA Case Highlight - "Stephanie"

In order to illustrate and bring awareness to the need for Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers in our local community, Advocates for Children will be highlighting one case each month which is currently on our waiting list.  Identifying information has been altered in order to protect the privacy of the families involved in these cases.

With all of our current Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers currently serving cases, and an extensive waiting list of abused and neglected children in need of advocates, Advocates for Children is urgently seeking new volunteers.  These individuals will serve as CASA volunteers for children such as "Stephanie," a four year old girl who was recently removed from her parents' care and now resides with her Aunt.

The Department of Child Services (DCS) was contacted about Stephanie when her single father was taken into custody following a probation violations that led to his arrest.  Stephanie's mother, who has a history of substance abuse, was contacted by DCS, but failed a drug screen for Methamphetamine and other drugs, and could not be given custody.  

A CASA volunteer is needed to guarantee that Stephanie's best interests are represented throughout her time in the child protection system.  Without a CASA volunteer, she may find herself without a stable adult influence in this difficult time.  Stephanie needs a CASA volunteer to help guarantee that she finds her way into a safe, loving and permanent home.

The volunteer who answers the call to stand up for children such as Stephanie will not be expected to go it alone.  To ensure that they are adequately prepared, all potential CASA volunteers receive 30 hours of training provided by Advocates for Children, and will be assisted with their cases by our professional staff.

If you are interested in becoming a CASA volunteer for one of the 325 children like Stephanie who are currently on Advocates for Children's waiting list, please sign up today or call the office toll-free at (877) 604-9402 to learn more.

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