Two-year-old Sam wandered onto a busy highway, caused a car to crash into a house and escaped, remarkably, without a scratch. Mom was in a nearby store when she heard the commotion…she hadn't even realized that Sam was gone.

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Laura, a beautiful 3 month old, was placed in foster care after it became clear that her mentally ill mother was incapable of caring for her. Despite having been offered all sorts of help through the Department of Child Services, the mother became more and more removed from reality and eventually relinquished her parental rights to her daughter, who she no longer believed to be her daughter. The foster family, with whom Laura had lived since removal from her mother, was more than delighted to adopt Laura.

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Rebecca and Jonathan

Rebecca (12 years old) and Jonathan (8 years old) were living with their mother after having spent time in a foster home a few years earlier. They moved around quite a bit and the children were not going to school. After some complaints from concerned citizens, police officers found mom passed out in a hotel room. No action was taken at this time. A few weeks later, Mom checked Jonathan into a local hospital for suicidal and violent behaviors. In November, Jonathan became ill and hospital personnel could not locate mom in order to get her consent to give him medication.

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Susan and Samantha

Twins, Susan and Samantha*, and their younger brother, Jeremy*, lived in foster care on and off for most of their lives. The police received a report of three young children left alone in a local motel room. When the police arrived, they found the children and discovered drugs had been sewn into their toys. The twins were eight and their brother was six when they were removed from their mother the final time. 

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John and Lydia

Teenage siblings, John and Lydia, were living in foster care after their parents' rights had been permanently terminated. Their foster mother was a single woman, employed full-time in a local factory. This woman loved these two teenagers and feared for what would happen to them once they turned 18, which was not far off. 

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